Aussie Author Month!

April is Aussie Author Month! We have quite a lot for you this month with some fantastic author interviews, reviews and some great snippets of information on Australian authors.

I love Australian authored fiction and non-fiction and will quite loudly champion Australian authors to all and sundry. Why? Because they are good authors, with consistently good books. And up until a few years ago I had forgotten that.

Was it cultural cringe? The lure of big international names? The bookstores I was shopping at? Who knows? All I know is that I neglected Australian authored books, in particular fiction, for a good few years, my eyes drawn to others. I rediscovered Australian fiction when I opened my bookstore. I started with Theft by Peter Carey, and then Richard Flanagan’s The Unknown Terrorist and Andrew McGahan’s Underground. With each of these books I rediscovered the link I was missing in the internationally authored books I was reading, that personal connection with a reader and the author.

Despite everyone’s individual and unique backgrounds and personalities, living here in Australia we all have a commonality. Our sense of humour, our politics, our education, what we revere and despise in our country (whether we agree or not) is what makes us Australian and that does come through in Australian authored books. It is not simply a geographical element, as many Australian authors set their books overseas, it is a connection we feel in the situations and viewpoints.

And using correct spelling of course 🙂

So I am very thankful to be participating in Aussie Author month this year as I have just read a bucketful of Aussie authors I can’t wait to introduce readers to!

Happy reading, Tanya


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