Daughter Of Smoke And Bone by Laini Taylor – a release we are REALLY excited about

Necklaces made of wishes, black markets of teeth and a wishbone on a cord. Nothing is as it seems here. Wishes are not granted by genies and lamps. Karou is not the love-crazed protagonist. And this book is like nothing you’ve read before.

Karou has been the apprentice to the wishmonger her whole life and working for this chimera can mean dealing with some interesting individuals – both human and otherwise. Hidden from the human world are her adoptive family of chimera who deal in wishes and for reasons unknown require copious amounts of ill-gotten teeth. When she’s not trading wishes for molars, Karou is just like any other seventeen-year-old art student in Prague…with blue hair that grows that way naturally.

There is more to this story than sketchbooks filled with monsters and underground markets of teeth. Someone is tracking Karou. Something is hunting the chimera. Somewhere Karou’s home is burning and the answers to the mysteries of her life seem to exist in a place she can’t get to.

Past, present and future collide into a collage of devastation as all begin to realise that some secrets should remain hidden. Lives will be lost and others found. Friend will resemble foe and sanity becomes insane in a war where there can be no victor. Love may just find that it has no place in a world that is burning.
An epic adventure, tear wrenching heart-breaker, laughter-fit inducer and so very, very much more, this book has it all. Taylor has certainly set the bar high for this trilogy and I have every confidence that she will exceed the standard in the books to follow.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone is, dare I say, perfect. I’ve not encountered a fantasy work like this in such a long time I’d almost forgotten that originality still exists. This book is the Luke Skywalker of fantasy – our saviour from a literary world full of clipped angels and vampires with glitter problems.

-Neek for TLC Books

Want some more info about the author? Check out her website: http://lainitaylor.blogspot.com/